Midnight at Faubourg – in search of Alber Elbaz

The clock strikes twelve. Midnight in Paris, and the city seems calm and quiet. But a signal beams out from the Eiffel Tower: a call to Super H! Something’s afoot. Masked and cloaked, the proud horse atop the Hermès building undergoes a strange metmorphosis, ready for action. We watch breathlessly as he prepares to take flight – a modern Pegasus for the world of the comic strip. (Source: Hermès)

About two years ago Hermès introduced a wonderful new design, Minuit au Faubourg, designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko. Rybaltchenko is one of my favourite current designers at Hermès, always with a nod to the whimsical and funny. He is also the designer behind the Hermès Electrique and the Pégase Pop, both favourites of mine. For some reason, I never managed to get the Minuit au Fauborg until now. During my last trip to Paris, I kept hearing it was sold out “everywhere in France”, but by pure luck, I managed to find the (supposedly) very last one at Charles de Gaulle Airport. This the first scarf that I have actually decided not to wear, but to frame to be looked at everyday. It’s a work of pop art, both amusing and elegant.


Super H to the rescue – Hermès Minuit au Faubourg


Anyone know who this mystery woman in the left hand corner is?

Aside from the Batman-esque searchlight in the sky, calling for Super H no doubt, notice the lady in the window at the left lower corner and the silhouette of the Eiffel tower and the Moulin Rouge windmill and many other Parisian landmarks in the background. Another funny detail is the outline of a portly man with a bow tie and glasses standing in the window of the opposite building. It’s Alber Elbaz, the former head designer for Lanvin! Elbaz was the Lanvin house’s designer at the time of the scarf’s issue. Dimitri Rybaltchenko must have had a private joke with Alber Elbaz since he has worked with him on window displays for Yves Saint Laurent troughout the world. What an hommage to be featured on a Hermès scarf! (Dimitri, in case you are reading this, I wouldn’t mind either…)

Alber Elbaz hiding under the roof tops of Paris

Minuit au Faubourg is part of series of “Super H”, Hermès equestrian hero. In Hermès own words: “A few seasons ago, another carré – Quand soudain (‘When suddenly…’) – showed him with his rider, galloping, mane rippling in the wind. Here, watched from a discreet distance by his groom, standing behind a nearby window, he sports a super-hero costume all his own. What’s about to happen? Find out next time, in the adventures of Super H.”

Indeed, let’s find out.

Hermès Minuit au Faubourg







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  1. Dear Catharina!
    Thanks a lot for telling us the exciting story of Super H in Minuit au Faubourg! And for showing us this most elegant and amusing scarf! I am happy for you that you finally got the opportunity to buy it!
    Je t’embrasse, Cecilia

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