In good company – the new Hermès Brides de Gala Love

Hermès themselves call the Brides de Gala their most celebrated carré. According to the website Hermesology, it is also “Hermes’s best-selling scarf of all time” (not that I have a reason to doubt this, but I am cautios of websites not being able to spell Hermès properly, just saying). According to Wikipedia, there are more than 70 000 Brides de Gala-scarves out there.

Fact is that it was designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1957. It’s name is translated into “Bridles for the gala” and it undoubtedly gives that wonderful glamorous equestrian feeling that Hermès does oh so well.

More Hermes - "Brides de Gala" - in Rockport today (with box). $200.00:

Brides de Gala has adorned the neck or head of many a celebrity through the years. My favourites include these lovely ladies:

The siren of the movie screen, Sophia Loren (image via Pinterest)
Catherine Deneuve in Les Liaisons Dangereuses (image via Hermesology)
Elizabeth II (image via Pinterest)

And now little old me can add myself to that illustrios group of dames. The reason for this is my latest purchase, the newly released and limited Brides de Gala Love in white and black, dotted with orange and blue hearts (here styles with a MaiTai scarf ring).

Hermès Brides de Gala Love

It is certainly not the first time the scarf design has been redesigned. Not only has it been reissued in countless colours, it has been made into a  silk carré 90, silk jersey, cashmere 140, mousseline 140, silk 140, twilly, gavroche and the list goes on. It has been dip-dyed and adorned with stripes and polka dots. Here are a few other versions. In my opinion, the latest addition to the family is the most beautiful of all remakes. Plus, it came in the prettiest scarf box ever. A heart shaped box. I mean the box alone was worth the purchase, right?

The prettiest box ever.
The prettiest box ever.

In closing, I am sharing another picture of the almighty Queen Elizabeth II in an another version of the Brides de Gala. Just because she looks so damn good in it. Girl’s got style.

Image via Hermesology


Do you have any favourite picture of someone else wearing a Hermès scarf?

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