Honey, it’s Sunday morning – my favourite breakfast recipe

January, the month of new starts and all good intentions, calls for something healthy. A very dear friend of mine gave me a jar of the most delicious honey recently. She in turn had received a large batch of it from a relative in Romania who had brought it to my friend all across Europe. The honey is made by bees who collect pollen solely from linden flowers. The honey tastes like no honey I have ever tried before. The smell is sweet and strong with a hint of rising bread. The taste makes you think of freshly baked baguette. And just pause at the name of the honey for a second, Flori de tei, linden flowers. Doesn’t that just sound utterly romantic?

I can imagine the honey will sit very nicely on a plate of chèvre and beetroot salad, but for today something else entirely was planned, my favourite weekend morning breakfast recipe. Now, you could very well do this any day of the week. It goes together really quickly, but somehow it feels so luxurious I save it for the weekends. The recipe is dead easy as well, just three ingredients with the ratio 1:1:1. Did I mention it was healthy, too? Bonus, I say.

Banana and oat pancakes
Banana and oat pancakes

Banana & oat pancakes

Serves 1

1 egg, large

1 banana, ripe

1 dl (0.1 L) oats

All you need
All you need

Start by grinding the oats: Measure out the uncooked oats and place them in the bowl of a blender or processor. Blend or process the oats  until the oats have the texture of coarse flour. This goes rather quickly. Add the egg and the banana and blend until everything is thoroughly combined and creamy (it won’t be completely smooth).

Heat some coconut oil (or butter) in a non-stick pan, pour or spoon in the batter in three separate heaps. Cook on medium to high temperature. It doesn’t take more than 1-2 minutes on each side. The pancakes should get a nice golden colour.

Serve on a plate with berries, coconut chips or nuts and drizzle over some honey. For winter I really like orange and cinnamon. Enjoy immediately.

Bon appétit!



By the way, thanks so much for the honey, dearest C.

Banana and oat pancakes with the most delicious honey
Banana and oat pancakes with the most delicious honey


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